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Run Your Business Your Way

Owning and running a successful veterinary practice can feel like you’re always keeping up with a list of “shoulds.” What if you could switch that narrative to one that allows you to run your business your way? What if you could remove some of those “shoulds” to make the choices that fit your practice and your goals?

The VetBadger practice management platform can help you do just that. With systems and workflows to support you and your whole team, our software allows you to run your clinic in the way that best suits your needs and plans. We invite you to claim your free live demo of VetBadger by contacting us today.

Making Your Business Work for You (Not the Other Way Around)

As a veterinarian, you are used to busy days and hard work. Your patients and staff deserve a high level of commitment from you. But that doesn’t mean that your clinic has to consume all of your time and energy.

With excellent tools at your disposal, you can streamline your practice so that it works for you and your team without pushing you all toward burnout. You’ll be able to monitor your staff’s performance, protect their well-being, and compensate them individually for a job well done.

Happy Vet Staff

Here are a few ways that a robust practice management platform helps you run your business your way.

It Helps You Reward and Compensate Accurately

Bonuses for veterinarians and clinic owners are common in the industry. But what about offering these perks to the technicians on your team? Many doctors would like to reward their teams but aren’t sure how to go about doing that fairly and in a way that reflects each person’s work.

With the right software in place, such as VetBadger, you can accomplish this with ease. VetBadger integrates with QuickBooks to help keep your financial wellness intact. Since QuickBooks is always running in the background, it automatically pulls your clinic’s financial data as transactions happen.

Partnered with task-centric workflows for each employee, this integration allows you to analyze how each team member is doing. You can see how their work relates to the clinic’s finances and compensate accordingly to help with staff engagement and retention.

It Allows Your Clinic To Operate a Shorter Week

If you’re seeing patients five days a week, then you’re likely using weekends and evenings to catch up on backend tasks for your clinic. And no matter how much you love your work, that is a recipe for burnout and overwhelm.

Doctor Burnout

When you have a great practice management system in place for your whole team, however, you may find you can reduce your clinic’s work week down to four days. For everyone!

The clear, streamlined processes in a system like VetBadger keep you and your staff on track without any need for micromanaging. This clarity and efficiency help you run your practice successfully even with a reduced schedule. 

It Allows for Remote Work Options

Even an industry as hands-on as veterinary care has opportunities for remote work. Pet behavioral experts, administrative assistants, and other roles often function well in a remote capacity. 

If you have an excellent staff member who needs the flexibility of remote work, the VetBadger system can make that happen. With task-based workflows and transparent ownership of assignments, your team can be cohesive even if they aren’t all on-site. 

It Allows You To Claim the Tasks You Love and Delegate the Others

Running your business your way should include the freedom to choose which tasks and roles you want to handle and which you do not. But without effective, clear protocols and systems, that’s not an option. 

Todo List

With a platform like VetBadger, many of your clinic tasks become automated, removing them from your to-do list. For example, the QuickBooks integration means you do not need to add transactions to your accounting software and keep it updated. The program does that for you as your team completes their workflows and clients make payments.

And since VetBadger empowers your team to work with autonomy and confidence, your staff can handle the jobs you’d rather not. You will not need to watch over their shoulder to know if they finished. The program logs each step, offering full transparency to you and any authorized users.

Your Business, Your Choices

You can have a thriving veterinary practice AND live a full life outside the clinic. And your practice management software can help make that dream a reality. Connect with the VetBadger team today to learn more about how it all works to support you.