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Cloud-based Veterinary Practice Management

VetBadger allows you to practice better medicine, unlock the full potential of your team and engage more fully with your clients.

About Us

Dr. Alexandra and I have owned BarburVet in Portland, Oregon since 2014, and we've learned a few things along the way. Working with animals is the easy part. Managing the practice is a challenge. Managing all the relationships? That is hard. Using the wrong software systems makes it so much harder. We found a different way to think about these decisions, and we built VetBadger for clinics like ours.

We Believe

Traditional “practice management” software is focused on the wrong problem. Electronic medical records are important, and connecting those records to financial management systems is helpful, but simply duplicating the features of a paper medical record and adding automated billing only addresses a tiny part of the complexity of running a veterinary practice.

It starts with your clients. Today’s “pet parents” expect personal connections and cutting-edge technology. You have to meet those expectations if you want a chance to practice medicine.

Once you have formed those relationships with your clients, you’ll quickly get overwhelmed if you don’t have efficient support from your staff. Just like your clients, your employees have a vastly different set of expectations and alternatives than they had just a few years ago. Your teammates are critical to the success of your practice, and if you don’t maintain those relationships and support those expectations, you’ll be stuck finishing the job yourself, with a very clear understanding of the causes of burnout in this industry.

Even when you’ve come to terms with the relationships with your clients and your staff, you still need medical records and all the other systems that support your practice. And if you make the wrong choices here, the job of tying it all together can quickly overwhelm all the good work you’ve done.

All of these facets of practice management are intertwined, and that’s why VetBadger provides support for all of them, integrated into a single system. Making it easy for your team to manage their work, and making it easy for you to handle the relationships with your clients, gives you the time and flexibility to focus on the animals under your care, which is the reason you started this career in the first place.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Amanda S.

Practice Manager

Love it!

Working with VetBadger has been amazing. The customer service team is exceptional and willing to work with you to find solutions that work with your business. Our team enjoys the increased communication with our clients and the ability to have everything they need in one spot.

Dr. Amy P. DVM

Practice owner / Veterinarian

VetBadger's customer service is phenomenal!

Its very easy to use once you understand the sections. What I love most about it though is the customer service. If we ever have a question (which is like 5 times per day since we are new!) they get back to us right away, are always happy to set up a Zoom meeting to walk us through stuff, etc.

Dr. Jennifer K. DVM

Veterinarian/Practice owner

VetBadger–Keeps me connected to my clients and documents that connection.

As a “boutique” type small clinic owner with a recent start up–ongoing communication via text/emails is extremely important to me to bond with with, attract and retain clientele. The fact that I can communicate with new clients this way and NOT have to take the additional time to document all that extra communication in the medical record was the selling point for me. Support has been excellent.

Dr Tracy K. DVM

Practice owner / Veterinarian

Unique features including texting which make the most of communicating with your clients.

So glad I chose this veterinary software for my new clinic. Has been vital for client satisfaction!

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Why VetBadger?


With zero learning curve, VetBadger’s simplified scheduling, check-in, and exams speeds up client intake while reducing errors.


Exam data entry is quick and easy, capturing all pertinent visit information with no extra effort.


From reception to check-in through exam and follow-up, ambient information provides what your team needs when they need it.

Our Core Features

Integrated Telehealth

Allows for long-distance client and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.

Chart-centric SMS & Email

Replies to client reports and general inquiries are routed through tasks instead of individual email, allowing for relevant information to stay in the chart and enabling more timely responses from the whole team rather than just a single provider.

SMS & Email Appointment Confirmation

Let your clients know about (and confirm) their upcoming appointments with email and SMS text reminders. Appointment confirmation status is highlighted in the clinic calendar for quick reference.

Built in the cloud

Turn off the server in your clinic, and eliminate the stress and expense of running your own data center.

Quick Check In

Simplified check in and technician exam speeds up client intake while reducing errors.

Task Based Workflow

Clinic work flows from role to role. Task center allows you to keep track of everything happening in the clinic seamlessly.

Fully Integrated with QuickBooks

All financial data goes directly into the accounting system you already use.

Simplified Exam Flow

Exam data entry is quick, easy, and unobtrusive while capturing more pertinent information about the visit.

Full Exam Detail Reporting

Abnormal findings that are not discussed will show up on the client report which increases the likelihood of clients scheduling a recheck exam.

Referral Tracking

QuickBooks integrated referral tracking allows you to direct advertising dollars to the sources that you know work best.

Demo & Free Trial

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