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3 Operational Needs Mobile Veterinary Teams Face

Veterinary care often involves some chaos, even under the best of circumstances. But for mobile veterinary teams, the chaos factor goes up a notch or two. Mobile veterinarians play a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of our furry companions. But they also face unique challenges in their operations and systems. 

VetBadger understands the needs of veterinary clinics, whether they are in a brick-and-mortar or on the road. We designed our practice management software with relationships front and center. Our platform helps you cultivate relationships with your team, your clients, and yourself while running a successful practice. Schedule your free live demo to learn how VetBadger supports you.

Mobile Veterinary Teams Have Unique Operational Needs

Running a veterinary clinic of any size demands excellent systems and tools to keep things running smoothly for you and your clients. But running a mobile veterinary practice places even more demands on your operating procedures and systems. Here are three needs that become critical once you take your practice “outside the box.”

1. Flexibility

Mobile Veterinarian with Rabbit

The success of a mobile veterinarian's existence lies in their mobility. Their clinic is often a fully-equipped vehicle, transformed into a sanctuary of healing, carrying everything from medical supplies to diagnostic equipment.

This mobility offers a unique advantage, enabling veterinarians to reach clients who may face geographical barriers or have animals who are unable to travel. Mobile veterinarians bridge the gap between pets in need and essential healthcare services.

However, this mobility comes with its own set of challenges. The logistics of scheduling appointments, navigating diverse terrains, and ensuring the safety and comfort of both the veterinarian and their patients demand meticulous planning and adaptability.

Your mobile veterinary team needs practice management software that works on the go. From scheduling appointments to accessing patient records, you require the ability to have all the necessary information at your fingertips. Additionally, you need a platform that helps you plan and navigate your daily routes with ease and efficiency. 

Choosing a flexible all-inclusive software and app allows you to work quickly from anywhere. And it provides the scalability to grow your business with confidence.

2. Relationship Building and Communication

Veterinarian with Cat

Hiring a mobile veterinarian requires vulnerability from clients. After all, they are inviting you into their homes, often under duress. Building strong relationships with your human clients and their animal companions is crucial. 

Effective communication is the cornerstone of relationship-building, especially relationships as asymmetrical as the ones between vets and their clients. Mobile vets must be able to communicate clearly and quickly with clients, especially to convey the following information:

  • Scheduling Reminders
  • Test Results
  • Follow-Up Care
  • Medication Refill Reminders

Trying to track all of this through multiple platforms is not feasible for mobile veterinary teams. There simply isn’t time to learn and manage different systems for each part of your practice. 

Instead, it’s important to choose a practice management system that includes all the pieces necessary for effective communication. And for mobile vets, it’s particularly crucial to choose a platform that integrates all client communication into the patient’s record: email, phone calls, and texting.

3. Streamlined Financials

No matter how excellent your systems and client care are, your clinic can’t survive without payments coming in. For most veterinarians, tracking the financial side is the part of doing business they like the least. With a robust practice management platform, however, you can simplify these tasks tremendously.

Building Plans

If you choose a software that integrates with QuickBooks or your preferred bookkeeping system, you can cut out hours of work each week. For example, VetBadger connects with your QB account, always running it in the background to keep your invoices and payments updated in real-time.

Combined with included communication options like text and email reminders, this integration helps ensure invoices are going out promptly, and incoming payments are accounted for regularly.

VetBadger Works for Mobile Vets

The world of mobile veterinary care is dynamic and rewarding. And with a massive shortage in the number of needed veterinarians, mobile clinics play an indispensable role in ensuring that pets receive the care they need. 

VetBadger is here to help you thrive no matter which stage of business you are in right now. Connect with us for a free demo to learn more.