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Attracting an Excellent Veterinary Clinic Team

The bond between pets and their owners is sacred. As a veterinary clinic owner or manager, you know how crucial it is to provide top-notch care to these beloved companions. However, your ability to thrive in veterinary medicine goes beyond medical expertise. It’s also about assembling a dedicated and skilled team. Attracting an excellent veterinary clinic team has to be a top priority.

Pulling together your superhero team is easier with VetBadger on your side. Our intuitive, streamlined platform allows you to build a practice that supports you and your staff. It helps protect your crew’s energy and time, providing a much-needed balance between work and life. Claim a time for your free live demo today to see how our veterinary practice management solution helps you build a robust clinic.

Attracting an Excellent Veterinary Clinic Team that Thrives

Veterinary medicine is a tricky world:

  • Limited, highly competitive accredited programs
  • Long years of schooling for doctors
  • High student debt
  • Highly emotional work 

All of these factors contribute to the current shortage of veterinary doctors and the high burnout rate in the field. And doctors who don’t have a strong team to support them and their work are even more likely to call it quits. 

Stressed Provider

So, how do you attract and retain a highly qualified vet team to keep your practice healthy? You make it as simple as possible for your staff to do their work well while enjoying plenty of time off duty. And your practice management platform can help you do this. Here are three ways to pull together a great staff that you can rely on in your work with animals.

1. Create a Stable, Reliable Workplace

Veterinary medicine is never dull or ordinary. There are always surprises, changes, and emergencies. But even with this high level of uncertainty, you can build a practice that provides stability to your team.

With excellent workflows and processes in place, the team you develop will be eager to stay with you. Your practice management software should empower your staff to do their tasks with autonomy, creating a crucial sense of contentment. This ability to get their work done on time, protecting their off-work hours, keeps your staff happy to continue.

2. Show Them the Money

Of course, job satisfaction isn’t all about compensation. But let’s be honest. Compensation is a significant part of attracting a high-quality vet med team. 

Piggy Bank

Historically, vet techs have received lower salaries than their “people medicine” counterparts such as CNAs. But the reality is that veterinary technicians are critical to your clinic’s success, and compensation matters.

Gen Z college graduates are prioritizing salaries and other financial considerations in their job searches. To attract and keep a new generation of veterinary medicine employees, you have to pay a truly living wage. It’s also important to find non-salary opportunities to invest in your people. For example, offering workshops or other educational options is a great way to engage and reward your staff. 

3. Recruit Strategically

When seeking new team members to grow or expand your practice, cast a wide net. It’s vital that you attract diverse talent to meet your client’s needs. Take advantage of job boards, professional networks, and social media platforms to advertise job openings. 

Be transparent about job expectations, requirements, and the benefits of working at your clinic to ensure you start these relationships on the right foot. To connect with potential candidates on a more personal level, consider hosting informational sessions or recruitment events at your clinic.

Veterinary Team

VetBadger Helps Your Whole Team Succeed

Attracting an excellent veterinary clinic team requires planning, thoughtfulness, and intentionality. With our VetBadger platform, you can build a practice that easily and holistically supports you, your staff, and your clients for long-term relationships. Connect with us today for your free live demo.