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Practice management software that puts relationships first

Cloud-based Veterinary Practice Management

VetBadger allows you to practice better medicine, unlock the full potential of your team and engage more fully with your clients.

Amanda S.,

Love it!

Working with VetBadger has been amazing. The customer service team is exceptional and willing to work with you to find solutions that work with your business. Our team enjoys the increased communication with our clients and the ability to have everything they need in one spot.

Dr. Amy P. DVM,

VetBadger's customer service is phenomenal!

Its very easy to use once you understand the sections. What I love most about it though is the customer service. If we ever have a question (which is like 5 times per day since we are new!) they get back to us right away, are always happy to set up a Zoom meeting to walk us through stuff, etc.

Dr. Jennifer K. DVM,

VetBadger–Keeps me connected to my clients and documents that connection.

As a “boutique” type small clinic owner with a recent start up–ongoing communication via text/emails is extremely important to me to bond with with, attract and retain clientele. The fact that I can communicate with new clients this way and NOT have to take the additional time to document all that extra communication in the medical record was the selling point for me. Support has been excellent.

Dr Tracy K. DVM,

Unique features including texting which make the most of communicating with your clients.

So glad I chose this veterinary software for my new clinic. Has been vital for client satisfaction!

Why VetBadger?


With zero learning curve, VetBadger’s simplified scheduling, check-in, and exams speeds up client intake while reducing errors.


Exam data entry is quick and easy, capturing all pertinent visit information with no extra effort.


From reception to check-in through exam and follow-up, ambient information provides what your team needs when they need it.

Empower Your Team

Quick Check In

Simplified check in speeds up client intake while reducing errors.

Task Based Workflow

The task center allows you to keep track of everything happening in the clinic seamlessly.

Role centric tasks

Different roles are automatically assigned the correct tasks.

Individual Tasks

Assign tasks to the person who needs to complete them.

Scheduled Tasks

Schedule tasks for exactly when they need to be worked on.

Task Priority

Empowers individual team members to reprioritize tasks and manage the clinic workflow.

Automated Tasks

Tasks created for important events like new voicemail, lab results, and wellness plan payment failure.

Ambient Information

Know what is important when it is important, with the necessary context always available.

Associate Scheduling

Build flexible schedules to support your team.

Connect With Your Clients

Integrated Telehealth

Allows for long-distance client and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.

Chart based SMS & Email

Client messages are routed via tasks instead of individual emails keeping everything in the chart, enabling timely responses from the whole team.

SMS & Email Confirmation

Clients see and confirm upcoming appointments via email & text reminders. Confirmations are highlighted in the calendar for quick reference.

Integrated Communication

allow the clinic team to always be aware of what’s going on with each client

Client Surveys

See how your client satisfaction is trending everywhere the client details appear.

Client Alerts

You’ll always know the most critical information about the client, when you need it.

Voice over IP

See who’s calling and everything about them while you Answer your phone at your computer. Voicemails go right into the record.

Voicemail Transcription

Voicemails are automatically transcribed and added to the record.

Client Portal

Let your client's self service for common requests like records and refills.

Text replacement & expansion

Hot keys insert commonly used text formatted with the current client and patient information.

Digital Forms and Signatures

Collect vital information from your clients along with their signature.

Referral Tracking

Direct advertising dollars to the sources that work best.

Self Scheduling

Clients can sign up for appointments in the client portal.

Geo Zones

Appointment scheduling restricted to specific areas when you are on the go.

Custom Exam Detail Reporting

Abnormal findings not discussed show up on the client report, making it more likely for clients to schedule a recheck exam.

Manage Your Records

Built in the cloud

Turn off the server in your clinic, and eliminate the stress and expense of running your own data center.

Full QuickBooks Integration

All financial data goes directly into the accounting system you already use.

Simplified Exam Flow

Exam data entry is quick, easy, and unobtrusive while capturing more pertinent information about the visit.

Custom Exam Detail Reporting

Abnormal findings not discussed show up on the client report, making it more likely for clients to schedule a recheck exam.

Referral Tracking

Direct advertising dollars to the sources that work best.

History Filters

Filter the medical record to see exactly what you are looking for.

Voice Transcription

Talk during exams instead of typing.

Exam Templates

Build templates for frequent situations/appointments, like spay and neuters, allowing you to speed up your exam entry.

Exam auto save & multi user editing

Simultaneous exam entry automatically saved as you go.

Demo & Free Trial

Let us show you what VetBadger is all about. Then try it risk-free for 30 days.

Simple pricing that works for you

Mobile Vets


  • first veterinarian
  • $125 / month / additional veterinarian

Brick and Mortar


  • first veterinarian
  • $125 / month / additional veterinarian

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